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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thanks so much for joining us for the news at noon.
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i'm mike lied. we start with the latest in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonald. the prosecution has started questioning after mcdonald answered some questions from his wife's defense team. peggy? >> reporter: hey i tell you what, the heat is on. the former governor looks to be squirming somewhat with tough questioning. the lead prosecutor, michael dry, began cross-examination of bob mcdonald about 45 minutes ago. look at the walk ins this morning. the governor not talking too much to us this morning. but dry began with a series of questions. you don't deny you stayed at the smith mount ten lake home you don't deny that you drove his ferarri? went through a bunch of the different gifts and loans been mcdonald received and every single one of those you did something for johnny williams? that is what he is trying to slow and he is catching him off guard a little bit.
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in fact at one point, the judge admonished mcdonald and said just answer the questions. because mcdonald said i don't believe that is what i said when dry was trying to say this is what you said under testimony. no, i don't believe i said that. just answer the question. he said well i saw it differently. now they are taking about his financial situation. there has been a lot of testimony about whether they were broke or not and a particularly damaging e-mail from maureen mcdonald where she said we are broke and have credit card debt. talking about the beach homes they owned. dry was trying to point out hey you could have done a short sale but you would have lost money right? that $100,000 loan you received from your dad? how much did you pay back? only $615. listen to what the governor said this morning. >> i feel very good. >> reporter: how did you sleep last night? >> i slept well. >> reporter: is your daughter
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here again? >> yes my family has been amazingly supportive. >> reporter: what would you like to say about your dad? >> he is a great man. >> reporter: anything else? what has been your impressions of him on the stand? has he been doing a good job? >> see y'all inside, thank you. >> reporter: his daughter, kay lynn and her husband, the governor's daughter you saw walking in her and her husband, chris, are right there outside the fort. we may see kay lynn recalledded at some point. i'm headed back into court right now. mike back to you. >> thanks peg. looking forward to this afternoon. it is back to school time in several districts, including montgomery county. nikki burdine was there and has changes students were met with. >> i'm kind of nervous, i don't
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know. didn't really like to wake up so early. >> reporter: it was the typical first day jitters for high schoolers at walter johnson. but those who have been through this before know the drill. coffee inland, these seniors are ready. they are among the 154,000 students headed back to school at montgomery county today and they might notice changes at school. like 40,000 new computers at grades five and six. a new program is also in the works that will allow kids to bring their own devices soon. the code of conduct has changed now, well expulsion is the last resort. >> in school suspension, we are talking about restorative justice practices, peer court, things are doing things -- schools are doing things in different ways. montgomery county has grown by 2800 kids. it has made some parents
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uneasy. >> there is no other choice. there is only so much money to go around. we make sure we put our money where the greatest need is. >> reporter: one thing students won't see is a later start time. that is in spite of the american peed kt trick academy, recommending students go to school at 8:30 instead of 7:19. superintendent joshua star says that can't happen right now. >> unfortunately, we can't afford it. the board asked us to go back and see if we can do it cheaper. >> reporter: the goal is to make the change for under $10 million. nikki burdine, wusa9. students started in the district as well today. mayor vincent gray returning for classes at eastern high school on east capital street in northeast dc.
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with more than 47,000 students in 111 schools, the year begins with the highest number of students in the dc public school system for five years. experts will be standing by wusa9 has them to answer any questions you might have. they will be here wednesday with advice during a live web chat during our noon newscast. we'll have panel discussions and interviews during our 5:00 newscast. we hope you can join us. police are investigating a pedestrian accident in fairfax county. a man was struck on fairfax county parkway near west objection road. sky 9 was over the scene. no word at this point on how the victim was doing, but he was transported from the scene in critical condition. a contractor is being called in to fix the problem with the striping on i-66.
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look how crooked it is. it started peeling off the pavement. the striping was put there over the weekend on a bridge rehab project and then it just came loose during rush hour. the contractor went out after rush hour this morning and tried to start fixing the problem. after two years of captivity, an american journalist in syria is a free man once again. peter curtis of massachusetts was released sunday by an al qaeda-linked group. he was handed over to un peacekeepers in israel and later released to american authorities. curtis was freed days after isis beheaded another american journalist, james foley. president obama said the u.s. will continue to use all of its tools at its disposal to try to free american hostages. the math ;aof michael brown is asking people not to protest today is the a funeral service for his son, which is underway
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right now. these are pictures from the church in st. louis. the shooting sparked several days of unrest in ferguson, missouri. danielle nottingham has more now from st. louis. >> reporter: hundreds of family members and friends of 18-year- old michael brown are gathered for his funeral today. mourners entered the church, holding their hands up in a became pollic gesture. brown's father asked for a day of peace and calm while his son is laid to rest. days of violent protests followed the teen's shooting on august 9th. president obama sent three white house aides to the funeral. brown was gunned down during a confrontation with officer darren wilson. police say wilson opened fire
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after brown scuffle with the officer and charged at him. witnesses say brow8qn was shot while surrendering. the autopsies show he was shot at least six times. >> michael brown will be buried at st. peter's cemetery later today. coming up on the news at noon, tweets from computer hackers sparked some serious moments aboard a california- bound plane. the clean up begins after a
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welcome back. a group called the lizard squad could be behind a serious scare on board an american airlines flight as well as looking into sony's playstation network. a flight from dallas to san diego was diverted to phoenix
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after a tweet said that there were explosives on board that plane. that flight was care rig 185 people, including sony online entertainment president john medley. a lizard squad took credit for shutting down sony's popular games earlier. after landing, no explosives were found on the plane. medley himself tweeted my plane was diverted. not going to discuss more than that. justice will find these guys. in california the damage is still being added up from the state's largest earthquake in 25 years dozens of buildings in napa have been declared off limits after the 6.0 magnitude quake rattled the area yesterday. >> business owners and residents across the napa
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valley start there, cleaning up and assessing the damage from sunday's powerful earthquake. steven gunderson's phone has been ringing off the hook at his glass company. >> that is the first time i have seen something of this magnitude hit a city. >> more than 100 homes were damaged. carrie barnett is staying in a tent until her home is repaired. >> i have been felt the big one and i felt we are going to have at least another 5.0 aftershock at any time. >> the earthquake couldn't have come at a worse time for california wine makers. this is the height of the tourist season. >> it puts a lump in your throat you know that there is that much going down the drain. >> one wine maker said he lost enough wine to fill a swimming pool. allison for cbs news, napa,
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california. scientists say residents should brace themselves for strong aftershocks for the next several weeks. thousands of customers will remain without power for awhile. the power company expects to restore electricity to most
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you know it is the fit day of school for hundreds of thousands of students here from the dc area and we need to make every day count. that is also the message to students and parents from a group called dc action for children. they are on a mission to try to improve school attendance and actually make it a priority in a lot of families's lives.
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executive director ace sa chung is here. what are some of the things both parents and teachers can do to make attendance a priority? >> one in four citywide live in poverty here, but our message is clear. students need to show up to school if they are going to be able to test well and graduate on time our message for that single parent, especially if they have younger children, is to prioritize it. we live in a culture where attending school is not prioritized right now. last year, we had over 1 in 20 students not show up to school. that is pretty staggering. we want to tell the sustainable energial parent that we need to figure out with you with the teachers and the with the professionals in the school district how it ensure she gets there on time and ready to learn. >> i'm a single mom or dad and i am trying to juggle five things at once and my little one has maybe the sniffles.
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and i say you know what, i'm not going to send him or her to school. you want to discourage that? >> yes. >> what planning did you do to help get the kids to school? >> what we have to make sure every parent has, including me, if they are a fourth or fifth- grader, if they are sick, obviously, stay home. but if they are to go to school, a single parent, her struggle is how does she get to work on time? her children get to school and learn. as a parent, i'm sure she is sorting through intellectually and emotionally, how to prioritize the day, don't compromise the work day and her child's learning. >> right. >> so there are lots of nonprofits that work with her, including ours, that make sure she is connected to resources, including having a network of childcare experts and also resources. >> babysitters. >> childcare, exactly. >> and access to information about where to connect with
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daycare drop in centers, and there are plenty of nonprofits in the city that provide that. >> so if people want to connect with you, how do they do it? dc howard over to you my friend. no weather alert days until maybe wednesday. a beautiful start to the week, lots of sunshine, it feels good too. humidity levels are in check and temperatures this afternoon, a couple of degrees below average. average is 86. 83 by 3:00. 81 at 5:00 and winds down to the east. off the atlantic. always a comfortable direction for us this time of year. mid 70s by 9:00. we had fog this morning, dense fog on the shanendoah valley. you can see some of it right there east of manchester,
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didn't anticipate it burning off until 10:00 or 11:00. mid-50s, many spots away from the urban areas and the bay. 66 for the low. it has warmed up very nicely today. 75 now in martinsburg, winchester, manassas, 74 in eastland and in frederick. in washington right at 80 degrees. one more look out at the michael and son weather camera. beautiful, great start to the week, humidity levels are going up by wednesday. along with the thunderstorm threat. 80 right now, dew point still only 57. very comfortable out there high pressure still to the west. the clockwise circulation, you can see the clouds moving from the northeast to the southwest. behind me, showers and storms, arriving wednesday afternoon. late afternoon, maybe mid but late afternoon the best chance. quiet weather for today and tuesday as well. a lot of sunshine, mid to late afternoon, we worry about a thunderstorm threat and
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potentially a yellow alert day. cristobal is in the atlantic. sort of exposed with the bigger storms away from the center. still, with that being said, the hurricane center has it at 60 miles per hour right now, gusting to 70. the track will strengthen it to a hurricane, a category one here by wednesday morning, passing between bermuda and the east coast. high surf will be our biggest problem as we get into the middle of the week. forecast looks great today and tomorrow, 84 today. tonight 67 at national airport, 50s north and west with patchy fog again, out west late. 91 on wednesday. hot, humid. some afternoon storms possible. drier thursday and then turning hot again over the weekend into labor day with a chance of mainly afternoon storms saturday, sunday and monday.
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welcome back. we have nationally renowned jazz artist in the house now, marcus johnson is a producer and entrepreneur and the brains behind something called slow fest dc. thanks for coming. what is it? >> it is a wine, food and music festival, we started off with flow wine, we are nationwide now. we wanted to have a physical manifestation. just a good day, how about that? friends, wine, the trucks, partners like metro, ladies america, and bringing people together in a great spot. and that pavilion out there is
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amazing. >> at the gateway dc, across the street from homeland security. you can get there on metro if you go to flow fest you can plug it in your google maps. >> congratulations on your wine. you are a musician, you produce things. do you ever sleep? >> no my 2-year-old is in the back. >> we are going to let you play us out to the end of the show. good luck with flow fest. >> no more wine for you my man. ♪[ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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>> nick: no, sharon, you cannot throw mariah out of your life. >> sharon: i hate her. i never want to see her again. >> nick: don't say that. >> sharon: give me one good reason why i should ever want to see that girl again. >> nick: look, there are some things that we didn't know about mariah -- things that mariah doesn't even know. >> sharon: like she's a liar and an opportunist? you warned me, but did i listen? no. i just had to save her. i let her into my home, my family. it was so stupid. i wish that i'd never met her, and i hope that i never see her again. >> nick: no. you do not know what you're saying. >> ian: mariah? >> mariah: finally! where have you been? >> ian: uh, i-i told you --


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